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Interactive Medical Case Survey

1. Please rate the quality of the following aspects of the NEJM Interactive Medical Case:
1 (Poor) 2 3 4 5 (Excellent) N/A
Quality of the questions
Level of detail
Ease of use
Visual design
Overall learning experience
2. Is the amount of information within this case presentation sufficient to make it a quality learning experience?

2b. What types of additional information would be valuable?
3. How do you anticipate using the NEJM Interactive Medical Cases? (Please choose all that apply.)

4. Whom would you recommend the interactive medical case to? (Please choose all that apply.)

5. How often would you participate in this educational activity?

6. How valuable is the comparative score at the end of the case?

7. How did you learn about the availability of the NEJM Interactive Medical Case?

8. Did you complete the NEJM Interactive Medical Case?

8b. If you said you haven't completed it and do not plan to complete it, please tell us why:
9. Do you have recommendations to improve the educational value of this type of presentation?

Current Use of the NEJM Web Site

10. How often do you visit

11. Do you currently have a personal subscription to NEJM?

12. Do you have free access to through: a health care facility, medical school, hospital library, an employer, or some other online source?


13. What best describes your current status?

14. What is your primary workday activity?

15. What is your specialty?

16. In what country are you located?